The Perfect Solution for Planning Destination Weddings in Sedona, Arizona

Not only does The Vineyards Bed and Breakfast offer unparalleled access to the Verde Valley Wine Trail and other Northern Arizona gems, but B&B owner Tambrala is available to serve as your Sedona wedding planner if you are seeking wedding venues in the Sedona, AZ area!

Sedona and the entire Verde Valley is blessed with some of Mother Nature’s most breathtaking landscapes. It is no wonder that so many couples choose such a magical location for their destination wedding. Whether you are looking for Sedona Red Rocks, lush vineyard backdrops, majestic weeping willow trees, or a simple chapel, the question becomes HOW do you find the venue that will perfectly match your vision? Then there are so many other questions to tackle, like WHERE do you find the perfect service providers? WHAT details do you even need to research… ceremony venue, reception site, officiant, photographer, caterer, musicians, florist….?? Do you have have enough time in your already hectic schedule to devote to researching and then answering all of these questions?  Even if time were not an issue, how do you decide where to begin, whom to trust, and where to commit your money?  More times than not, the details become overwhelming and the outcome is less than perfect.

Tambrala’s wish for every couple is that their wedding day is as perfect as in their dreams. As a professional wedding planner for over 10 years, Tambrala has the passion, expertise and wedding industry connections to ensure that NO detail is overlooked and your day is flawless! As an integral part of the Verde Valley Community, she can also assist in finding that perfect venue AND the perfect service providers to make your dreams come true. Let Tambrala make your dream a flawless reality!

“I had the pleasure of being Tambrala’s first wedding in Arizona! Since I live in Phoenix, Tambrala did all of the dirty work, kept me on a schedule, and really understood my idea process and tastes within a matter of minutes. We had an elegant, relaxed, fun brunch wedding. Tambrala made sure everything was perfect! Our guests kept remarking about how beautiful the venue was and how they didn’t want to leave! The layout was perfect for pictures and guests. I could never have imagined a more perfect day with such an amazing planner who became my friend. I would change nothing!! The value of the whole weekend more than exceeded my expectations. Tambrala has the hook-up when it comes to knowing the best vendors (with the best personalities) and she is efficient, clear, and kept the wedding train running smoothly. If you’re looking for an easy wedding planning process, the most amazing property for your wedding, all with a great wedding coordinator, hire Tambrala! She’s truly the greatest!”

All-Inclusive Wedding Planning & Coordinating Services in the Beautiful Verde Valley

Contact Tambrala at 928-300-4313 to schedule a  free wedding consultation session.  Congratulations!!:)

*Please click on the overview question boxes  below to view responses within each area*

What inspired me to become a professional Wedding Coordinator?

I have been singing in weddings since my high school years. As the Wedding Singer (Hmmm, someone should make a movie about that) I attended every rehearsal, ceremony and reception so was able to witness a lot of things – good & bad. Rehearsals were often quite unorganized and I found myself helping couples figure out how to process, where (and how) to stand at the ‘altar’, how to recess, how to seat parents, ….. based on my knowledge. As the wedding day unfolded I often saw ceremonies starting late, guests having to wait for way-too-long with nothing to do while a photographer monopolized the time of the wedding party, reception food get cold because nobody was seated at the time the caterer was told to be ready, a DJ who was completely inept at keeping a party going……. You get the picture. I always felt horrible for the Bride (Sorry grooms to be, you are important too) and vowed that would never happen in weddings in which I was the Wedding Singer. AND I knew a lot of money was spent on providers who were not necessarily good at their jobs. Thus, during music planning meetings I also became the Wedding Planner (Hmmm, another movie idea?). It also helps that I am an organized, Type-A personality who must have perfection. EVERY couple deserves their dream wedding without any regrets!!

How do my wedding services compare to other area services?

  1. My understanding of how to plan the perfect ceremony and reception.. Many wedding planners are gifted in the reception/party planning stage of the day yet have little experience understanding the nuances of the ceremony itself. I have had years of experience first singing in weddings ceremonies of all denominations and then coordinating such weddings. I truly believe that all are gathered to celebrate the marriage of a very special couple and that happens at the ceremony.
  2.  I have a very organized, Type-A personality yet know how to establish positive working relationships with my families and all of my service providers. Yes, it is possible to be the ‘boss’ and lead in a kind & assertive manner. We all know too well that bossy person that everyone ends up hating by the end of the event. I am NOT that person.
  3. Years of experience as a professional wedding coordinator in the Midwest prior to moving to Arizona have led to many perfect weddings:) I have had the pleasure of coordinating several amazing weddings since my move to Arizona in 2013..
  4.  Understanding the importance of being involved in professional organizations such as the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) in order to network with other wedding professionals and perfect y our skills. I believe that many planners overlook this very important step.

What advice would I give a couple looking to hire a provider in my area of work?

First and foremost, meet with the wedding planner/coordinator face-to-face to find out if your personalities click. You will be spending a lot of time together and you need to like each other. You also need to get a feel for whether or not you can trust that person as he/she will be responsible for making sure every single detail is handled well. Finally, make sure that the wedding planner is doing what YOU want to do and not what he/she thinks you should do.

In a nutshell, what do I love about what I do?

WOW, now that is a loaded question because I love so much. OK, in a nutshell….

  • I love getting to know the couple AND the families of every couple during the planning process.
  • I love seeing the day unfold in all of it’s perfection.  There is simply nothing that compares to that feeling after months of hard work!
  • I love taking off my shoes because my feet hurt at the end of a long, yet satisfying day.
  • I love when the couple tells me that I am like family by the end of the process.
  • I love when a father hugs me at the end of the wedding day and tells me I am the best thing he could have done for his wife and his daughter or son so that everyone could relax and enjoy the day:)

Do I have any customary Rental Items Needed for your big day?

Since I coordinate many events, I have purchased several items that are commonly needed such as the following:

  • Sound system for outdoor ceremonies and receptions
  • Tables: Ten 60” Round (each will sit up to 8 comfortably), Four Rectangular banquet and Five Square pub style
  • Eighty black event chairs
  • Tableware for up to 60 guests: Dinner plates, flatware,  wine & champagne glasses, water goblets
  • Wedding Cake Display plate & cutting/serving utensils
  • Cake plates & coffee cups
  • Table Wine Bottle Centerpieces & Mason jar table numbers (flowers for centerpieces to be purchased separately)

Is lodging available at the B&B for family and friends attending the wedding?

OF COURSE!  Since I become such an integral part of your family during the planning process, it makes total sense to have them as guests at our B&B property.  Plus, we are all here to celebrate YOUR big day. Lodging options include the following:

  • Cabernet Suite overlooking the vineyard (sleeps 2) with Ensuite Bathroom boasting a 2-person Jacuzzi tub and separate spacious shower
  • Chardonnay Suite overlooking front courtyard (sleeps up to 4) with private bath
  • Tiki Tree House (separate from main B&B house) overlooking tiki bar/pool area (sleeps 2 comfortably but does have a fold out full size futon bed as well)

Exactly what is the Role of a Wedding Planner/Coordinator?

A good yet complicated question.  Here goes.  A GOOD wedding coordinator will do all of the following:

  • Save you money, time, energy and tears
  • Reduce your stress
  • Work with YOUR ideas and vision for your wedding day
  • Act as a sounding board and gives guidance regarding every wedding detail
  • Relieve you from the work of finding and researching GOOD service providers
  • Have access and information related to a multitude of service providers such as photographers, caterers, officiants, florists, ceremony and reception musicians/DJs, hair & make-up artists…
  • Know who to hire and who NOT to hire to make your dream wedding day a reality
  • Help you narrow down service provider options that would fit your vision and budget
  • Do all the legwork prior to setting up personal meetings between you and quality service providers
  • Mediate and negotiate contracts with service providers as needed
  • Help you adhere to your budget
  • Provide creative ideas that can save you money in the long run
  • Work around your schedule during the planning process
  • Keeps you on schedule by providing routine checklists
  • Do all scheduling for rehearsal and wedding day (separate master schedules for wedding party and service providers)
  • Choreograph entire event including rehearsal, ceremony, and reception
  • Be on-site at all times to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to your plans
  • Supervise all hired service providers for entire event
  • Make sure nothing is overlooked and handles any last minute emergencies
  • Always have a back-up plan for every possible scenario
  • Offer Peace of Mind
  • Allow you and your family to relax and enjoy every second of your dream wedding day!

Testimonials that provide insight to the value of Tambrala as your Wedding Coordinator

“Everything was beautiful and just as we dreamed it would be. We couldn’t have done it without you. You kept me sane!” -Bride

“My goal was to spend every minute with my daughter and experience the day to the fullest. I was able to be with her and enjoy the day rather than tend to endless details. My daughter and I have commented on several occasions “What we have done without Tambrala?” -Mother of Bride

“As a project manager, I was very skeptical about what Tambrala could do for my wedding that I couldn’t do myself. Now I know!! Tambrala’s professionalism, organization and attention to detail enabled me to fully enjoy the day and left our guests complimenting us on the event a year later.” -Bride

“Everything was perfect from the wedding to the flowers. What a wonderful job you do! My daughter said that she had the most perfect wedding ever.” -Mother of Bride

“The best part of hiring a coordinator like Tambrala is the final few days before (the wedding) and actual wedding day when the bride and her family know that all final details are being taken care of and they can relax and enjoy every special moment.”  -Florist

“Work with someone who is able to offer and seek excellent value. Tambrala will save you from costly mistakes & help you plan the perfect wedding in the perfect location.” -Wedding DJ

“Tambrala has her clients’ best interest in mind at all times. I enjoyed working with her because of her follow through and her genuine concern for the bride.” -Florist

“On the Richter scale of weddings, our event scored a perfect TEN in the eyes of our guests and even more important, in the eyes of the bride and her mother!” -Father of Bride

“I know now that there are several coordinators out there and I cannot imagine doing a wedding without one BUT it would have to be Tambrala! My experience was not like some that I have heard.  I had the best coordinator in the world who truly ended up being my friend.” -Bride

“I found Tambrala to be the perfect example of what a wedding coordinator should be. She worked well with everyone, kept the wedding organized and left the bride and family stress free & able to enjoy the day.” -Photographer

“There is a reason why ministers are wary of wedding consultants, but I could see right from the start that reason does not apply to Tambrala! The competence, grace,and cooperative spirit that is evident in her work should make her much in demand.” -Minister

“Having Tambrala by my side throughout the whole planning process was a HUGE stress-reliever.” -Bride

“From the beautiful creek that flows behind the property to the wonderful vineyard view just outside our window, there was never a moment that we looked around and weren’t pleased. This is the perfect place to fall in love all over again.” The Vineyards B&B Guests

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